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Night Vision Technology Solutions brings to government, commercial and private customers the most innovative & cost effective, Thermal Imaging (IR) Camera Systems available today.


Triton Marine Mammal Detection System


NVTS’s Triton is an advanced marine mammal detection system that incorporates our Guardian EO/IR camera, analytic software and powerful, ruggedized, mobile computer system in a portable hard case.
Triton’s User Interface (UI) provides ease of operation, advanced wide-area situational awareness, and marine mammal detection up to 5km (MWIR Camera). Triton is designed to detect marine mammals, ships, small craft and human activity during day, night, and in challenging weather. This gives the operator 24/7 detection capability within the designated coverage area.


NVTS products listed herein may require US Government authorization for export purposes. Any attempt to divert US export regulations is prohibited.