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Condor HP

Condor HP Modular Design Gyro-Stabilized EO/IR ISR System


The Condor HP's compact modular design solves the problem of space and field serviceability. Our modular design allows for quick removal and replacement of the sensors while still mounted on the platform. You can switch sensors in seconds to meet mission requirements with NVTS’s innovative smart lock sensor removal system.

The Condor HP’s mounting flange allows for easy removal for field service or platform transfers. There is no separate CPU or interface box to install and cable, making installation simpler and less expensive. The Condor HP can be configured for IP, remote or manual joystick control.

CONDOR HP 3-AXIS Gyro Stabilization:

  • High performance integrated MEMS sensor technology provides direct and computed IMU and VRU outputs in a small package.
  • Triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensors, and a pressure altimeter achieve the best combination of measurement qualities.
  • Dual on-board processors run a sophisticated Adaptive Kalman Filter (AKF) for superior static, dynamic inclination estimates, and inertial measurements.


NVTS products listed herein may require US Government authorization for export purposes. Any attempt to divert US export regulations is prohibited.

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