NVTS Total Darkness Day/Night Low Light Camera

Jan 2017: NVTS introduces the new FALCON XL  all weather day/night all weather camera.

NVTS’s new Falcon XL is a compact Day/Night All Environment camera designed for vehicle and remote surveillance operations. The Falcon XL’s compact, lightweight design, solves the problem of space without
compromising performance.

NVTS incorporates leading edge true total darkness camera technology enclosed in a rugged, fully submersible aluminum housing.

NVTS’s Falcon XL solves the problem of visibility in both day and night using reliable cost effective visible camera technology. Falcon’s rugged waterproof aluminum housing makes it ideal for all environment operations.

Contact: Joe Janson 1-401-560-0807 Ext. 107  or  joe@nvtsglobal.com

Falcon XL

Falcon XL Rugged All Weather Day/Night Camera

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