NVTS announces the addition of the Triton Marine Mammal Detection System to its line of products

Oct. 2020 Jamestown, RI. NVTS’s Triton is an advanced video Detection System that incorporates our Guardian EO/IR camera, Triton Analytic Software and powerful, ruggedized, mobile computer system in a portable hard case. Triton’s User Interface (UI) provides ease of operation, advanced wide area situational awareness, and marine mammal detection up to 5 km (MWIR Camera). Triton is designed to detect marine mammals, ships, small craft and human activity during day, night, and in challenging weather. This gives the operator 24/7 detection capability within the designated coverage area.
The NVTS Guardian camera employs a proven military grade thermal MWIR 640 x480 camera or optional LWIR that can detect the animal surfacing, revealing parts of its warm body, exhalation or blow. The small temperature difference between the marine mammal body or blow within the sea surface provides a slight thermal contrast, which can be detected by the NVTS Triton system.
Our multi axis gyro stabilized Guardian camera is designed to be mounted on a fixed mast or temporary pedestal. The Guardian delivers a 360-visual scan of the service area with a high resolution thermal and 4 megapixel HD visible camera that will simultaneously give full color video during the day and in low light conditions. This combination provides the user with enhanced day/night 24/7 operational detection and situational awareness.