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Electro Optical Infrared Thermal Cameras for Defense, Search and Rescue, Coastal / Border Surveillance, Infrastructure Security, Autonomous Unmanned Surface  and Ground Vehicles USV, UGV, Thermal Fever Detection Cameras

NVTS Night Vision Technology Solutions LLC. brings to government, commercial and private customers the most innovative & cost effective, EO/IR ISR camera systems available today.

NVTS provides camera systems that are customized for the individual operator, and fully implemented with advanced features at the touch of a button. Our marine stabilized ISR camera systems are designed for small quick response vessels, large patrol boats, tugs, yachts to fast frigates. NVTS land based EO/IR cameras are designed to be on mobile tripods, armored vehicles to fixed towers.




Featured Products

NVTS Night Vision Technology Solutions LLC. brings to government and commercial customers the most innovative & cost effective, EO/IR ISR systems available today.

NVTS Thermal Fever Detection Camera

Fever Spotter®

Thermal Fever Detection System
Hand Held Fever Scanner

Fever Scanner®

Portable Fever Scanner

NVTS Introduces Fever Spotter which pinpoints individuals with elevated body temperature.

March 31, 2020

March 30th 2020 Jamestown, RI.  NVTS introduces the Fever Spotter, designed for mass fever screening in crowded public places. Screening for fever may contain or limit the spread of COVID-19 and seasonal flu through identification of infected individuals running higher than normal body temperatures.

NVTS introduces new Driver Vision Enhancer Alert DVE 3 Wide

October 23, 2019

Sept. 2019 Jamestown, RI  NVTS introduces its latest in high resolution DVE units designed for armored and track wheel vehicles. Alert DVE 3 Wide provides enhanced situational awareness for armored, track-wheeled, and combat vehicles. It enables driver visibility during day, night, fog, rain and smoke. The Alert DVE 3 Wide incorporates 3 high resolution 640 x 512 LWIR thermal…

NVTS Exhibiting at the 2019 DSEI Show London, UK

September 5, 2019

Sept. 2019  Jamestown, Rhode Island USA:  NVTS Night Vision Technology Solutions LLC. will be exhibiting at the 2019 DSEI Show in London Sept.- 10th-13th. 2019. DSEI showcases the best of defense technology on the world stage.  Visit us at: USA Pavilion Stand N4-274 Rhode Island and see our new Patriot DVE AN/VAS 5B (Driver Vision Enhancer). …


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