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Alert DVE2

Intelligent ADAS Infrared Night Vision System for Vehicle Situational Awareness

Atlas HD

CCD/Infrared Camera

Atlas HDLR

Atlas HDLR Long Range Border Camera

Condor HP

Modular Design Gyro-Stabilized EO/IR ISR System

Falcon XL

Rugged All Weather Day/Night Camera

Guardian 3MP

Long Range Day/Night Multi Sensor Camera

Kepler LRS

Digital HD EO/IR Camera System

Kepler RWS

Precision Remote Weapon Sight

Nimbus EPC

Nimbus EPC Extreme Environment HD Camera POD

Nimbus TR

High Performance Thermal Camera for Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Surveillance

Reliant 640HD

Gyro Stabilized Rugged Multi Sensor Night Vision HD Camera System


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