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Guardian 3MP


The Guardian 3MP is a powerful long range Day/Night camera system built to withstand the harshest environments. The Guardian 3MP incorporates several high performance features such as: 3 Gimbal Stabilization: The Guardian’s 3 Gimbaled design enables continuous orthogonal orientation between the stabilizing gimbals. This means that the gyro stabilization axis, always coinsides with the motor’s axis, providing superior stabilization at all pitch angles. Our 3 Gimbal design allows us to achieve less than 15 mirco radians in stabilization accuracy vs. the standard 30 micro radians of other cameras in this class. Image Enhancement: This standard feature works on both the IR SENSOR and the CCD camera and brings out important visual details that otherwise would be “washed out” in a low contrast picture. Image Enhancement is essential in hazy & low visibility conditions. Edge Sharpness: This Guardian feature sharpens objects edges and resolution within the video image for both the IR SENSOR and CCD camera, yielding a clearer and sharper video image. Local AGC: This function provides wide dynamic range of the video image in both the IR SENSOR and CCD camera. The Guardian’s Local AGC feature is especially needed when the scenery has a wide range of gray levels such as when the imagery includes sea and sky, sea and land, burning objects, etc. The Guardian 3MP is operated by a ruggedized Control Unit (CU) with a thumb LOS control stick. All control switches are specially designed, for rough environmental conditions, while still providing a comfortable ergonomic control. The CU can be attached to a fixed location or to a flexible cable enabling it to be moved.


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