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Guardian 2MP


The newly designed Guardian 2MP is a powerful medium to long range Gyro Stabilized multi sensor camera system. The Guardian 2MP’s new lightweight turret is flexible for mounting sensors defined by the customer. The Guardian 2MP's flexible payload configuration makes it an appropriate choice for a wide variety of vehicles including maritime, airborne and land. Image Enhancement: This standard feature works on both the IR SENSOR and the CCD camera, bringing out important visual details that  otherwise would be “washed out” in a low contrast picture. Image Enhancement is essential in hazy & low visibility conditions. Edge Sharpness: This Guardian feature sharpens object edges and resolution within the video image for both the IR SENSOR and CCD camera, yielding a clearer and sharper video image. AGC: This function provides wide dynamic range of the video image in both the IR SENSOR and CCD camera. The Guardian’s Local AGC feature is critical when the scenery includes a wide grey spectrum as in combinations of sea and sky, sea and land, burning objects etc. The Guardian 2MP can be operated with our rugged joystick controller or with our new HCU (handheld control unit).


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