NVTS Panther BNVD-15 Night Vision Goggle and Binocular

April 22nd 2017, Jamestown RI 02835, NVTS introduces the new Panther BNVD 15 lightweight night vision binocular and goggle.

The Panther BNVD-15 utilizes two high performance Image Intensified Tubes providing outstanding clarity under the darkest conditions. A built in IR illuminator lets the operator easily read a map and operate equipment in very dark conditions. This dual-tube design provides increased depth perception and outstanding clarity.

Available in a wide array of Image Intensifier Tube configurations the BNVD-15 Night Vision Goggle is designed to meet a variety of budgets and mission requirements. For more information contact: Joe Janson 1-401-560-0807 Ext. 107 or contact@nvtsglobal.com

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