Guardian Camera System

Guardian is an easy to operate, compact, long range, multi-axis, gyro stabilized camera system.

Options include HD Visible, MWIR or LWIR Thermal, LED Spotlight, Tracking, Analytics and GPS.


  • Shipboard/Vehicle ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)
  • 24/7 Situational Awareness
  • SAR (Search & Rescue)
  • Coastal/Border Patrol
  • Force Protection
  • Autonomous Surface Vessels
  • Marine Mammal Detection
  • Environmental Monitoring

Guardian field test: Visible video of tracking, HD visible optical zoom to horizon, cooled thermal footage of windfarm turbines at 42km

MWIR (cooled) Thermal Optical zoom out


  • Sensor options:
    • MWIR (cooled) or LWIR (uncooled) thermal camera
    • LED Spotlight for area illumination
    • High Resolution visible camera with low light sensitivity
    • Laser Range Finder (range from 8-25km)
  • On-screen graphic overlay outlining exclusion zone (see video)
  • Camera control choices: Rugged tablet, traditional joystick, and/or keyboard & mouse
  • Optional: GPS, DVR, monitor, portable hard case, second controller

Handheld Camera Control Tablet

Intuitive Touchscreen Tablet

  • Smartphone-inspired app to control all camera functions
  • Ruggedized: waterproof, shock-absorbent
  • Direct sunlight readable
  • Multiple pan, tilt, and zoom options
  • Auto-tracking
  • Laser range finder operation

Viewing Options

  • Full-screen visible or thermal cameras
  • Split-screen of visible & thermal cameras
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • External monitor connection(s)

Orientation control enables rapid camera movement relative to the vessel.